Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween in Thailand

Because Halloween normally isn't celebrated in Thailand, there wasn't much talk of it in the weeks leading up to it. But on that day, there were plenty of festivities at the school and that evening. Still, I liked that it was simple and fun, with no stress involved. The best part is that I got to enjoy all the fun of the day without having to do any of the work!

Thai version of a pumpkin.
Made our own Halloween decorations and taped them to the door.
We started the week with a Halloween-themed movie night for the kids at another family's house last weekend. The kids loved watching "Hotel Transylvania" while eating Halloween-themed treats. Some of the kids decided to dress up for the occasion too!
On Halloween day, the elementary school had a parade and trick-or-treating in the morning for grades K-2. The children paraded around the elementary school to various offices and the upper-grade classes to trick-or-treat. Most of the high school kids didn't dress up, but many high school teachers did! I did see a sexy, leather nurse costume on one of the high school girls, and a full-on, Pepto-Bismol-pink bunny outfit on a middle school boy! It was just like Ralphie's bunny outfit in "A Christmas Story," minus the footies. Yes, this being Thailand, I believe he voluntarily put that on.
The girl in the center actually had a hoop underskirt on!
Halloween parade at school, looking more like a Halloween mob!
Halloween night, some teachers and school staff from our school and the Swiss school next to our school put on a really fun block party on their and neighboring streets for the teachers' children and any children that go to either school and live in our neighborhood. This year's turnout was great at over 200 people. There were games, face painting, play equipment, and prizes at each house on the street. There also was a table set up with all kinds of good food and snacks. Last, but not least, there was trick-or-treating at the houses on these streets and along the street by a lake. Teachers who don't have children are stationed at various places along the lake to hand out candy.

The block party was a really nice way to bring Halloween to Thailand for the American children. For a while, it was like we were back in America! My son actually said, though, that he enjoyed Halloween here more than in the U.S. because of all the games and activities he got to play. Everyone turned out to participate or help out. There is really a wonderful sense of community here.

face painting at one of the houses.
Guess how many gummy worms are in the jar? It was 120. The closest guess was 100. My son guessed 97. The lady at this table was holding a live rat snake, which attracted the kids to her table.
Halloween decor!


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