Saturday, April 26, 2014

Children of Many Talents

On the Friday before our April break, the elementary school held its talent show. (The high school had its show a few weeks ago, and all the high-school performances were amazing, like professional performers.) Here are a few videos of some of the elementary performances, some quite impressive and some adorable. The kids performed for the school in the morning and for parents in the afternoon.

My son's friend (middle) dancing with his sister (left) and another girl. Two other kids in my son's class also performed. One of them played the ukulele while singing a love song. It was adorable (but I'm unable to upload that video, so you'll just have to take my word for it!).

A five-year-old kindergartener playing the violin.

This second-grade piano performer was among at least half a dozen piano performances, but she was amazing. Does everyone here play the piano?

The youngest performer was a four-year-old girl from the pre-K class. She was up there singing and dancing with the best of them!

The finale, with all the performers.

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