Sunday, July 13, 2014

Another Year, Another House

In Thailand, moving from one house to another is nothing like moving in the U.S., at least for expats. In the U.S., we would research moving companies, get price quotes, and sign contracts with all kinds of stipulations just to move. And relocating within the U.S. is usually a major expense. In contrast, everyone we know here who move simply ask around to check who has a big enough vehicle to help them move. For this move, our first (and only, hopefully) in Thailand, we did go a bit more "formal" and got a recommendation of a guy who moves people on the side. It cost us only about $100. Moving also is easier here because we have no furniture.

We all love this house. It's so light, airy, and open, and we are within walking distance to shops, restaurants, a playground, and a lake. It's never been lived in by our landlady, who bought it as an investment property (I believe she resides in France). The location of the house is farther away from our school, though, so we've made tentative arrangements with the taxi driver who used to work for the teachers living at the house to come and pick us up every morning (sharing with one other teacher) so as to eliminate the frustration of having to look for a driver on a daily basis, which can be difficult, especially if it's raining. But so many of our friends here now live just down the street from us, so we can all get together at a moment's notice. Haven't had a living situation like that in...never! I'm really looking forward to living here for this next year!
Our house.
The front yard seen from the front door. And that tree is our very own mango tree! Can't wait till next April!
The front yard.
Another view of the front.
I love all the beautiful potted plants we have, but I have neither the time nor the patience to care for them, so they will probably end up dying.
The front door.
The downstairs.
More of the downstairs.
The kitchen, with a propane oven, a microwave left behind by the previous tenants, and a large refrigerator (not pictured).
Part of the backyard.
Upstairs landing.
Master bedroom. I really don't understand the columns in the middle of the room. Unlike the last house, this master bedroom doesn't come with its own bathroom.
I love the master bedroom furniture.
The room my son chose for himself.
His very own balcony.
The upstairs bathroom. Behind that curtain is a bathtub!

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