Thursday, October 16, 2014

I've Got Culture Coming Out the Yin-Yang!

This week was, once again, the annual Culture Week at school. It's a big to-do and there's always a lot of energy excitement surrounding this week. Preparations usually begin as soon as the school year begins in early August.

Tuesday was Western Day, when students and teachers are encouraged to dress in western-style costumes. It seemed almost everyone wore a cowboy/cowgirl outfit last year, whereas World Cup jerseys and uniforms were the costume of choice this year. The three of us lamely attempted to participate by dressing in a Harvard t-shirt (my son), a t-shirt with the American flag on it (my husband), and a Washington Nats jersey that really belongs to my son (me).

[All photos taken by school staff.]
Western Day at the HS.
This is the daughter of one of the HS science teachers who is ethnically Thai, but was born and raised in the U.S. This little girl is four and the cutest little thing that ever existed. In real life, she looks like a little doll!
Wednesday was Asian (except Thai) Day. During morning assembly, select students marched in carrying flags of the countries represented at our school. This day is probably my favorite because so many of the girls dress up in beautiful qi pao, hanbaks, kimonos, and saris. It's such a visual feast with all the rich colors and textures around campus. It's also the biggest day of the already-eventful week with the International Food Fair, musical performances from the school jazz band and various choir groups at the school, dancing, and other activities. The high school even lengthened the morning break and lunch break so everyone had time to enjoy all the festivities. My husband and I enjoyed Indian food, Chinese dumplings, Korean food, sushi, Thai food (of course), and other treats. My son got his fill of candy and ice cream when his class attended the food fair. For variety, he bought some French fries. raised eyebrows

After school on Wednesday, the school once again provided a celebration for the teachers, complete with wine and beer. It didn't take long before the party started to feel more like a frat party, with all the young P.E. teachers trying to out-do each other in building towers from beer cans. This was right in front of the high-school administrators, who actually cheered them on! Only in Thailand!
At the food fair.
Cuties at the food fair.
Dance performance.
The jazz band.
Instrumental music performance.
Elementary School teachers getting silly on Asian Day.
Thursday, the last day of Culture Week, was Thai Day. There was a Thai-fashion show, and traditional Thai dance and music performances. The high-school girls looked gorgeous in their amazing traditional Thai dresses, jewelry, and make-up, with their hair intricately braided and done.
ES art teacher with some of the Thai school staff and aides.
It was a nice way to celebrate the end of the first quarter. Tomorrow is Parent-Teacher Conferences with no classes, and then we begin our much-needed mid-term break!


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