Saturday, April 11, 2015

Songkran Celebration

Yesterday, there was a school-wide celebration of the Songkran Festival, the Thai New Year, which will fall on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week, during our holiday break. There were wonderful dances and performances by students from all three sections, with beautiful, traditional Thai costumes. Throughout the day, there were performances of traditional Thai music with traditional Thai instruments, a water ceremony at the middle school, and water fights at the elementary school (which my son loved). A great way to begin the holiday break!
The student body. 
Performing a dance from northern Thailand.
A dance from southern Thailand. The student being carried is a student of mine, a lady boy who easily has the best make-up and accessories of anyone at the school, and who loves being in the spotlight.
Middle-schoolers performing. Many teachers, staff members, and students were wearing flowered shirts such as these, as is customary for Songkran.
Middle-schoolers performing.
A couple of my husband's tenth-grade students dressed up to perform.
More of his students. The girl on the right is an amazing person and student.
A few of the adorable elementary performers, all in my son's class. The girl in white is one of his BFFs here.
Students performing traditional Thai music during hour. The scene was idyllic: sitting in a courtyard, surrounded by beautiful, tropical plant life, with a pleasant tropical breeze blowing gently, while relaxing music wafted through the air. 
Beautiful garlands of fragrant jasmine flowers for teachers to wear.

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