Sunday, June 14, 2015

Neighborhood Concert

This dream-like video shows a performance that took place last month at a bar down the street from us. The singer had been the choir teacher at our high school for the past three or four years. She is taking the next year off to travel the world -- with Bangkok as her home base -- get married, possibly start a family, and research where she is interested in attending graduate school after her year off. The person who posted this video is the husband of one of the high school art teachers and is a professional musician. He and the choir teacher are teaming up to play gigs at various venues in Bangkok. The fire dancer in the background is another art teacher at our high school. She is British and previously lived and worked in China, where she met and married her French husband, who is an amazing graphic artist. [As a result of marrying in China, their marriage certificate was in Chinese and they had to get it translated into Thai to obtain their visas when they arrived here. But because they weren't able to find anyone to do that, they had to get married again in Thailand just to get a Thai marriage license. Then, last summer, they had another wedding in France so they could celebrate with friends and family.] She also previously had been part of a circus, where she learned fire juggling, fire dancing, and other "circus skills" that she taught the students through an after-school club this past school year.

I love that there are always local events like this "concert" happening in our neighborhood, bringing people together and allowing for such fun and casual gatherings for friends to socialize. I also have really loved being able to meet and get to know such a variety of interesting personalities. Those featured in the video are but a small fraction of the types of interesting people we've befriended here. I am really going to miss being surrounded by such fascinating people who, in turn, make my daily life here much more interesting and fun.

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