Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Endless Summer

Not that I'm complaining, but this summer is getting to be quite long! Because our school in Thailand finished in early June and school here doesn't begin till end of August for my husband and early September for my son, summer will be 11 weeks long and 14 weeks long for each of them, respectively!

This summer has been quite hectic, busy, and chaotic. June was dedicated to wrapping up school, planning for our trips to Hong Kong and other parts of Thailand with our visitors, hosting and traveling, and packing. July was spent moving back to the U.S., apartment and car shopping, completing paperwork for work and school, visiting some friends, and planning our road trip.

We took off for our road trip at the end of July and just returned earlier this week. We went to Chicago for sightseeing and to visit a high-school friend of mine, Michigan to camp along the shores of Lake Superior, and Minnesota to visit friends of ours. It was quite exhausting as we aren't used to driving such long distances and for such long periods of time anymore. But it was good to get away and decompress.

Now we're back in our own state, and just moved into our own place yesterday. The move probably covered a distance of less than 20 miles, but it was much more stressful than our move back from Thailand. In another week or so, my husband will begin working, and summer break will be over. I'm ready to begin to settle down, unpack, and stay put for a while!

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