Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

Another year coming to an end. Another new year just around the corner. What does it have in store for us, I wonder? As we begin this day, the last day of 2015, I am thinking about the last two years, when I finally fulfilled my dream of living abroad and traveling and seeing more of the world. During those two years, I felt more at home, energized, and alive than I felt in my previous 30+ years. I felt more purpose and meaning in my life, and I met more kindred spirits in those two years than I ever did.

For us, the last two new year's eves were spent on the road: Vietnam in 2013 and Taiwan in 2014. It was amazing and incredible. What I've learned from the last two years is this: home is not a physical location. Home is where your heart is, where your loved ones are. I felt quite at home in countries where I didn't know the language or the customs, where I didn't know anyone. But my family was with me, and together, we had our adventures and overcame obstacles. Through it all, we became closer, got to know ourselves and each other better, expanded our horizons, and made a home for ourselves in unexpected ways and places.

I hope this coming year brings more of the same. And I hope that all of you get closer to fulfilling your dreams in this new year, whatever they may be. May you find your place in this big, chaotic world, surrounded by those you love and those who love and support you.

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