Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our House!

We moved all our stuff into our house today! Cost us $40 to hire the hotel van to transport everything. I had previously mentioned that we had looked at three places in this particular development called Perfect Place. One of them had a bath tub and an oven, which are very rare in Thai houses, but we ultimately decided to go with this house. There are also other neighborhoods that are more urban and have more of a night life, but being parents, we're not getting much of a night life anyway, so we settled for family-friendly suburbia.

Our landlady is super nice and helped us set up internet connection, hired a person to do the yard for us, and bought us some food!

So without further ado, here are the pics of our house:

From the side.



Living Room.
Living Room.

Downstairs bathroom with shower.
Dining room.
Master bedroom.

Master bedroom, to the right of the bed.
Master bath.
Shower in master bath.

Bedroom #2.
Bedroom #3.
We also went with a friend on a tour of the markets, but that will have to wait. Good night!

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