Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fashion Island

Today, we made yet another trip to another mall to get some shoes for my husband (I tell ya - I have probably spent more time at the mall in the last two months than I did all year last year!). The mall is called Fashion Island and, like seemingly every other mall here, has stores that sell everything under the sun. If you are feeling a little under-stimulated, I'd suggest a trip to this mall. It's complete sensory overload: extremely loud music, frequent announcements over the loudspeakers, televisions, blinking neon signs. And, in case you're still feeling a little underwhelmed, there was a "food festival" there today, unbeknownst to us. Basically, they decided to put a large food market right smack in the middle of the mall.

But at least we had two good (i.e., uneventful and smooth) taxi rides today! The taxi driver who drove us to the mall looked like he was our age, but was actually in his 50s! Both taxi drivers spoke English quite well and gave us tips on where to take our son for fun. They were quite taken with him and were quite curious about him. The taxi driver who drove us home actually gave him a treat.

Here we are!
There was even a bowling alley with karaoke inside the mall!
Somehow, I doubt this is an authorized Apple store....
A bored store clerk curling her hair on the job.
The food court.
No losers allowed.
A prison play area for the kids while the parents shop.

We were honored to be able to visit the Best Public Toilet of 2008 while at the mall!
But seems like you're expected to clean the toilet seat there?
The "food festival."

The sausages looked good, but because they had been sitting out without refrigeration, we passed.

Combs and other things carved from the horns of buffalo?
I think this is a skin-lightening product. With extra snail serum. In case, you know, the ones with a regular amount of snail serum don't do it for you (what the heck is snail serum anyway?!).
Dessert? We didn't get a chance to try.
Not sure what Elvis has to do with a food market in Thailand, but there you have it.

On our way out, we passed a sushi buffet restaurant (definitely going back to try it out!). The customers sit along a long counter, and in the middle is a conveyor belt with dishes of food that go around. The customers just grab the dishes they want as they come along!
An ad for a new model of scooter in our taxi. Wonder what "new feeling" the scooter gives you....

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