Thursday, August 8, 2013

Working Girl...Again...For Now...Maybe?

My husband came home yesterday and told me that he may have a potential, temporary position for me at the school. Apparently, word is getting around that I used to teach, and there is a high school special education teacher who is hospitalized with a collapsed lung and they need a sub until this teacher is able to return to work. This position would require me to go into several classes during the day to support the regular teacher and the student(s) in need of services. Not a bad gig at all.

So my husband's assistant principal approached him to talk to me about my interest in subbing for this teacher. She and the high school principal will interview me over the phone this weekend, and I could start as early as mid-week next week! Will keep you posted!

Aug. 13: Update
So I received a call Monday afternoon from my husband's assistant principal. I hadn't prepared for the interview, but when the phone rang, I got into "interview mode," despite the fact that I was in shorts and a t-shirt, hadn't showered, and there was karaoke blasting from our neighbor's house. It turned out, however, to be the shortest "interview" phone call I have ever had. The assistant principal basically called to ask me to go into school the next day to meet with the special education coordinator for the school! That was it! The phone call lasted 10 seconds, tops. I was confused - did this mean I got the job? Is Tuesday's meeting the actual interview? How should I dress for this meeting?! In 100-degree heat and 10000% humidity?! While biking?!

So for Tuesday - today - I decided to dress business casual. I figured they would understand about the dress code given the climate here. I stuffed all my clothes in a reusable bag, stuffed the bag in the basket on my bike, and set out. I got to school, dried off my sweaty face (gross!), changed into my professional outfit in one of the bathrooms, and met up with my husband during his lunch period, after which I met with the special education coordinator and the assistant principal. So...long story short, I start the job tomorrow!! Yikes!!

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