Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Grand Palace

No, I'm not talking about our house. I'm talking about this palace. What with this being the first weekend so far that we're not flying to a country, moving, or working (and the first long weekend of the school year - tomorrow is the Queen's birthday, otherwise known as Mother's Day), we decided to do what we love most - exploring a new place. So we spent Sunday at the Grand Palace. It was amazing and beautiful. Here are some pictorial highlights.

On the way there:
No, that sign is not confusing at all.
Our first toll booth in Thailand.
Skyscrapers of Bangkok, with the Sky Train in the foreground.
A monk riding in a tuk tuk at a morning market.
Getting there!

The Democracy Monument.
Outside the palace.
At the Palace:

We felt very special having our own entrance. Lots of Chinese tour groups there! And I had forgotten how disorderly Asian people can be (I can say that because I'm one of them)! Everyone was pushing and shoving and there were NO lines.

At the Royal Chapel of the Emerald Buddha. Unfortunately, photographs aren't allowed inside, but the outside is also quite magnificent:

Not sure why they would prohibit this....I don't think anyone would ever stand or sit this way anyway!

Phra Siratana Chedi, a reliquary.

A model of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Part of the murals.

The blue sign is my favorite: "Information and Recieve Complaints Center." Spelling as printed on sign.

People lighting incense and giving offerings to the Buddha.


Museum of Textile, where there was an exhibit of the beautiful gowns the Queen wore over the years to various functions and events.
A beautiful Thai silk scarf I bought at the museum.
Another inadvertent souvenir: pigeon poop on my husband's shirt while we were standing under a tree.

Street scenes outside the palace:

A mailbox!
Vendors selling everything from food to clothing to jewelry.
A woman carving flowers by hand (I'm not sure from what).
Traffic: No one knows whether they're coming or going.

After coming back to our area, we decided to go for some Thai ice cream, which is more like shaved ice and very fluffy and light. This is the passion fruit shaved ice. So delicious!

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