Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dr. Glamour

So you know how doctors on TV usually look like this, with perfectly made-up faces, every hair in place, and perfectly accessorized outfits? And even when they're under pressure and have worked for a thousand hours straight, they still look tired in a glamorous way?

Personally, I had never before seen a real-life doctor that actually looked like that. Even if one managed to start the day looking totally put-together, the look would never hold up for 9+ hours. By the end of the day, s/he would actually look like they hadn't showered in weeks.

Well, these beautiful, glamorous doctors really do exist. I've seen them with my own eyes right here in Thailand. Every single doctor we have visited and seen walking around at the hospital has looked like that -- every freaking hair in place, face perfectly and beautifully made up, gorgeous outfits, sleek heels. Just today, while waiting for the dentist (who also was a hottie), I saw this beautiful woman strut by as if she was on the runway. She had long, flowing hair, makeup that looked professionally done, and a stunning red dress on under her white lab coat. Yeah, they all wear white lab coats too, just like on TV. It took me a second, but I finally recognized her -- that was the same doctor we saw when my son had his first asthma flare-up in Thailand a couple of months ago! And this was at four o'clock in the afternoon! Wow. My husband took a look and said, without missing a beat, "That's why I come to the hospital so often." Yeah, I bet!

Speaking of doctors, remember this guy? (Such a cute baby face!)
Doogie Howsers are quite common here. I don't mean genius doctors, but young doctors. Apparently, doctors here start on their careers at quite a young age. They go to medical school and start specializing almost right away. I don't think I've ever seen a doctor here that looks older than late 20s. Remember the mom of my son's Thai classmate who had a birthday party? To me, she looks like she can be in her early 20s! The only way I know that can't be is that she also has a son who's about 10 years old and there's no way she would've been allowed to be a teenage mom in this country (especially if she came from an educated background, which she obviously did). Other than that, I really have no idea how old she is. Or any of the other moms, for that matter. They all look about 25 to me!

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