Thursday, October 17, 2013

International Week

This week was International Week at the school. International Week is a week-long celebration of cultures, foods, music, and traditions of countries around the world, although the predominant countries featured are mostly those in Asia. All week long, there are festivities and events held throughout the day. It was really well-done and organized, and so much fun!


Tuesday was Western Day. Most of the kids dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls. The little kids were so proud of their outfits and ran around pointing out that they were cowboys and cowgirls.

Wednesday was Asian Day. Many students and teachers dressed up in Asian clothes. I saw outfits from India, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia, to name a few. The little girls in their hanboks were the most precious! I wanted to bring them home with me.

Wednesday also was the International Food Fair at the school. This is a huge event attended by everyone, even people outside of the school community. It's very similar to a county fair in its size and scope. Parents of the school set up booths to sell foods from their native countries that they had made themselves. The school band played, and the choir sang. There were demonstrations of various cultural arts and crafts, and a ton of other festivities. It was amazing and the food was most excellent! My husband and I finally got to satisfy our Indian food cravings!

Yakisoba noodle at the food fair.
Thursday was Thai Day. Funnily, more Thai students dressed up for Western Day and Asian Day than Thai Day because many of them don't even own any traditional Thai outfits. But the ones that I saw were gorgeous. The little kids were so adorable.

On Thai Day, there were free Thai food and drinks made by the older students, and Thai dancing and singing. During lunchtime, my husband and I went from booth to booth to sample all the foods. We didn't even have to buy lunch! It was a wonderful way to see all the teachers and staff that we don't normally see and socialize with everyone.

Making of the yummy green papaya salad.
After school on Thursday, it being the last day of school before the October break, the high school had an ice cream and -- get this -- BEER social for its staff. They sure know how to start their vacations around here!

Tomorrow, we're off to Koh Chang for six days. We are very excited to go on our first real vacation since getting here in July. I will see you back here in about a week!

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