Friday, October 4, 2013

Playing Favorites

We were recently introduced to another Thai restaurant (the name of which we have yet to learn) that has quickly become our new favorite, not only because of the food, but for its quirky and fun ambiance. It's a leafy, '80s-music-playing oasis from the hustle and bustle of Soi 164, off of which it is located. Its hanging colored lights give it a festive feel. And its food is to die for. And so inexpensive. :) The proprietress is super friendly, hugging us even though we had only been there twice before.

There's nothing better than eating good, cheap food with a cold drink in hand while John Denver -- or a Christmas song -- plays on the speakers. The other night, a Thai remake of "Mary's Boy Child" came on. The singer had a Thai accent (yes, even while singing! First time I heard an accent in a song!). The song had been re-done into a pop song. It was hilarious.

A peek through all the foliage.

One of the tables outside. There's also inside seating, but we love the ambiance outside.

A close-up of the festive lights, taken by my son.

One of our favorites: spicy (or not, depending on your preference) pork stir-fried with greens. Goes amazingly well with plain rice.

Fried rice on the left and pad thai on the right.

One of my favorite greens since childhood: morning glories.

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